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Cedar Cove

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Description: QUIET LIVING FOR LEASE. Pool, laundry, landscaped grounds, built for energy efficiency and quietness, with fully applied kitchens, washer/dryer hookups, walk-in closets, central air conditioning, smoke detector, fire extinguisher and basic cable. No waterbeds. Information about this community was taken from public resources and may contain error.

Furnished: No


Model Bedrooms Bathrooms Price (per month)
1A 1 1.0 $415
2A 2 2.0 $440
3A 3 3.0 $620

* indicates rent is per person


Pets Allowed: Yes

Notes: No Pit Bulls allowed. $150 deposit and $20 extra per month.

Lease Information

Lease Length Options: 6 Months9 Months12 Months

Lease Notes:

Office Information

Contact Name: Carley
Office Hours:   M-F 08:00 AM to 04:00 PM   Saturday Closed   Sunday Closed
Phone: (662) 323-8610

Last Updated: 2007-10-10

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Ratings and Comments

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(2013-11-08) I lived at Cedar Cove from 2009-2013. I enjoyed living there and yes I would lease again if I ever find the need for an apartment in Starkville. I can not believe the way some of the previous tenants have been so crude about the apartments and the office staff. They are a great group of people and friendly and helpful always. I feel that maybe the previous tenants that have such strong negative opinions probably didn't exactly hold up to their end of the "bargain" if the truth be known. Sure the apartment complex is older so yes it does have some flaws but the staff is always there to take care of things in a timely manner. I also can not believe that someone would actually complain about paying their dues. Nothing in life is free so maybe you shouldn't go around expecting it to be. Cedar Cove is a great place to live and like I said it is an older apartment complex but the staff is great and they do everything they can to make you happy. As far as the exterminating goes they came every month and I never had a roach problem. Check your cleanliness level folks. 5.0 stars

(2013-06-28) RUN AWAY from these apartments. If you like not being cheated or stolen from stay away from this place. I lived from 09-12. Things took a turn for the worst in 012. The apartments are infested with roaches and mold. The apartments are damp and there will be mold in your closets and on your clothes. And the management says its the fault of the tenant the apartment is damp. The apartment management is rude and unprofessional. Although the exterminator reports that the roaches are in the walls and the tenants cannot do anything about them the management charges an exterminators fee when you check out. Also they will include whatever other charges they could pile up to rob you off your security deposit and some more and send you collection notices. Since they know that most tenants are students and will not pursue this in court, they continue to steal. All my friends who were living in these apartments moved out. They say park-side, north hill or rose hill apartments are much better. 0.0 stars

(2013-04-03) Kelli is awesome!!!!!!!!! 5.0 stars

(2013-01-15) I have been staying here over a year and now Carly is gone, I will not be leasing again because the new property manager Beverley and the front desk lady Kelly attitudes are not nice at all. They are rude and sometimes won't even acknowledge that you are standing there. The maintenance people come fix things when they want too unless it is considered "important" The rent is OK, but some apartments need to be remodeled, cable is included which is nice. It is rather quiet with no neighbor problems. If you can handle unprofessional owners, this is the place for you. I really hate Carly is gone. 3.0 stars

(2011-12-16) I would AVOID these apartments AT ALL COST! When we first moved into this complex, we were pretty pleased. We loved the (fairly large) balcony, the walk-in closets, having two bathrooms, etc. There were some issues with a small section of baseboard falling off of the wall, and a couple other minor issues that were repaired (the drywall where the baseboard had detached was actually rotted and they glued the trim back onto the rotten area instead of patching the wall and fixing it properly). However, after a month or so, things started to deteriorate. We began to notice roaches; a lot of them and their feces in every room of the apartment. When we spoke to the exterminator, he said that it had nothing to do with us and our cleanliness, but that they were coming up through the walls from downstairs. Later into our tenancy, we began to notice mold and mildew along the ceilings and tops of the walls in the kitchen and living room. In one bedroom, it was located along the exterior wall at the top and bottom, the ceiling, and extending down onto the carpet. In the other bedroom, it was mainly in one corner along the exterior wall and around the window frame. It was also in both bathrooms, on the ceilings, walls, and baseboards. When we brought the problem to the landlord's attention, we were told they could not fix the problem and that we had to "deal with it." We have family members who lived in another unit in another building who had similar roach and mold/mildew problems, with no solutions provided. There was not much noise when we first moved in, but over time, more and more noisy neighbors moved in. People ran back and front on the balcony outside the apartment, which actually shook the entire building. There were many noisy parties and a lot of banging on walls and floors. People did not watch their children, who played in the parking lots and on the walkways in front of the apartments, which led to more disruption. There was no dumpster located within a decent distance of our apartment, which meant that every time the trash needed to be taken out, we had to load it into the car and drive to another section of the complex (parking lots are not connected and there were no trash receptacles in our lot). There were no adequate areas to walk our dog near the apartment, so we had to take him down the sidewalk, around a fence, and into a lot owned by Cedar Cove in order for him to relieve himself. Parking was horrible: people frequently had company and there were no guest parking areas, which led to my husband (who works evenings) having to park in another lot of the complex and having to walk back to our apartment. Parking was not enforced. At one point, a large tree limb actually fell on my husband's and a neighbor's car. There was no offer to find us after the fact and no offer to pay for the damage caused. After we moved out (as soon as the lease was up) we didn't hear anything from Cedar Cove until 46 days after the lease had officially expired. We then received a letter with itemized charges that totaled over $2,100. The items we have been charged for included replacement of carpet for $1,800, painting for $400, cleaning for over $200, etc, with our deposits deducted from the charges. All of these are completely bogus and we plan on taking the issue to court if we cannot resolve it any other way. Base rent was $530, plus a $30 fee per month for washer/dryer rental, and $25 per month for "pet rent" on top of our $150 pet deposit. Our security deposit was $200 and based on credit. 0.5 stars

(2010-10-19) There maintenance sucks. They take a very long time to get to you if you have a problem with any of there appliances, it took them 3 months to finally come around to get the eyes on the stove fixed. all appliances are very old, out-dated, and not energy efficient so expect to have a high light bill. The landlords do not seem to care about anything but there own paychecks. Lights in pool do not work, and they wont get them fixed no matter how much we complain. Our back door does not lock and they never came to fix it. We have also had a problem with huge wood roaches and spiders and ants getting all over your back porch. Also when they mow the grass the guy blows it onto the back porches instead of blowing it the other way, which cause more bugs to be blown on your back porch. air conditioners are very loud and annoying, and need to be replaced. the only thing good i can say about cedar cove is that there are several police officers that live within cedar cove and it does stay decently quiet and peaceful, but other than that they fail HARD! 0.5 stars

(2010-06-10) i like the loction, but i think it could use facen around the place 3.5 stars