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Rosehill Place

3.0 stars Add your rating and/or comments.

Description: One and two bedroom apartments.

Furnished: No


Model Bedrooms Bathrooms Price (per month)
1A 1 1.0 $375
2A 2 1.0 $400

* indicates rent is per person


Pets Allowed: No


Lease Information

Lease Length Options: 12 Months

Lease Notes:

Office Information

Contact Name: Brenda Hunt
Office Hours:   M-F Unknown   Saturday Unknown   Sunday Unknown
Phone: (662) 323-5647

Last Updated: 2010-07-22

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Ratings and Comments

Add your rating and/or comments.

(2013-04-29) We lived at Rosehill Place for almost two full years. They are not the newest apartments in town, but the management is amazing! They are kind and quick to come help with anything you need. Our fridge didn't work when we moved in so they replaced it with a brand new one. There is an exterminator that comes regularly so the bugs are at a minimum. We did not have a washer/dryer in our unit, but there is a nice laundry room in the complex and a commercial laundromat just across the street. Just a five minute drive from Main Street, it's not too far from all the action but it is far enough away that it is nice and quiet. Very family friendly, no noisy parties or busy traffic and there is a park just down the street. The grounds are well kept and look great. DO NOT let the super low price scare you away, these are great apartments and we'd live here again if we had it to do over. We signed our contract without having seen the apartments and were very nervous. Our plan was to just stay here until we could find something better, but we loved it so much we spent our entire stay in Starkville here in this complex. 4.5 stars

(2012-05-17) The management is aweful! Please do not live there, the neighborhood is not that safe, the landlord is mean, never helps repair anything and told me to pay for plumber and pest control by myself. If you live on the first floor, the noise of AC will kill you! 0.0 stars

(2011-06-16) I lived in Rosehill several years ago. The apartments are older but in very good shape. The managers always responded to problems immediately and went above and beyond (the gentlemen would ask me if I'd checked my oil and such before road trips). My only problem is that they don't allow pets, and the location can be loud on the weekends, but the management was fabulous, and you don't get to say that often about apartment complexes. If you don't have pets I would recommend Rosehill. 4.5 stars