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Collegiate Heights

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Description: Luxury 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath townhouses.

Furnished: No


Model Bedrooms Bathrooms Price (per month)
2 Bedroom Flat 2 1.5 $475
2 Bedroom Townhouse 2 1.5 $515

* indicates rent is per person


Pets Allowed: Yes


Lease Information

Lease Length Options: 12 Months

Lease Notes:

Office Information

Contact Name: Sue Brown
Office Hours:   M-F Unknown   Saturday Unknown   Sunday Unknown
Phone: (662) 323-0008
Comments: Office is located within the complex, 201 Lyn Lane #74.

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Last Updated: 2015-09-15

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Ratings and Comments

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(2016-06-03) HORRIBLE management! BEWARE!!!! Do NOT rent from anywhere CK Realty manages. I have been renting with Collegiate Heights for 3 years without any incident until this management (CK Realty) took over. It is now my last month of renting and all I want is a receipt for the rent that I paid them and a copy of my full lease agreement. There is no one in the office at Collegiate Heights and it is incredibly hard to talk to an actual person. The only way to contact someone is with a text line or 1 phone number. The phone number is only to leave a voicemail with Andrew Cologne whom will quickly text you after you call providing the number to text. After texting this number and going through what I needed help with a total of 3 times, I got nowhere. I finally expressed how I felt like I was getting the run around and got a call from Andrew Cologne. He immediately got hostile with me over the phone saying how he wasn't legally required to give me anything. In all, Andrew Cologne was very aggressive, rude, and unwilling to help. I repeat, you do NOT want to get involved with CK Realty. 0.0 stars

(2015-10-12) The flats are very nice apartments for the price and the manager is helpful. Before choosing this apartment, I couldn't find many reviews but I have had a positive experience so far. Also it is close to campus only about 6-7 minutes. 5.0 stars

(2011-07-06) Nice, affordable apartments. Landlord would work with me and if anything broke, it would get fixed promptly. 4.5 stars