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Greentree Townhouses

2.5 stars Add your rating and/or comments.

Description: One, Two and Three Bedroom Townhouses

Furnished: No


Model Bedrooms Bathrooms Price (per month)
1A 1 1.5 $450
2A 2 1.5 $485
3A 3 1.5 $600

* indicates rent is per person


Pets Allowed: Yes

Notes: $200 nonrefundable pet deposit

Lease Information

Lease Length Options: 12 Months

Lease Notes:

Office Information

Contact Name: Kim
Office Hours:   M-F 08:30 AM to 04:30 PM   Saturday Closed   Sunday Closed
Phone: (662) 323-2430
Fax: (662) 324-7312

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Last Updated: 2013-12-16

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Ratings and Comments

Add your rating and/or comments.

(2015-10-12) Management is rude. The one bedroom townhouses need renovation. However, these units are spacious and have plenty of storage. Good price, just watch out for bugs and loud neighbors. Keep all of your paperwork and communicate through email because management will change her words and try to keep your money. 2.5 stars

(2013-03-28) HOLY CLOSET SPACE!!! I've never seen anything like it! 5.0 stars

(2013-03-28) This is a wonderful apartment complex to live at! The management has always been very helpful and on top of things (they're not flaky like the management at other complexes), and these people want to make sure that you're happy with what you're moving in to and that you stay happy! Also, I was able to look at the actual apartment that I was going to move in to, not just a model (like College Station or the Polos, where they trick you into thinking your apartment is going to be like the model), and that was a HUGE deal for me. I currently live in one of the older units, but ALL of the apartments I've seen in the complex are clean and well-maintained (whether they're like mine, completely remodeled, or the brand new ones). Rent is very reasonable and security is a big priority, so I've always felt safe. If you're a responsible person that is courteous to your neighbors (no loud music, etc.), then this is the place for you; if you want a place to party, look somewhere else (like across the street at the Grove). 5.0 stars

(2013-03-27) I lived out of state before living at Greentree. The application process was easy to complete out-of-state. The manager was very helpful in answering all of our questions. We did get to see the property before we signed the lease, but when we moved in it was even better than we remembered! We love that there is someone on-site to ask questions instead of having to drive to another office, which was huge for us. There are also so many closet spaces it is unbelievable, if you want a nice spacious apartment I would recommend moving here! The neighborhood is quiet and a great deal for the price. 5.0 stars

(2011-03-03) Do not put an application in her. My husband and I put in an application for these apartments. When we called to check on it the lady told us we would need a co-signer.... Even though together we gross over $1400 dollars every two weeks and do not have any evictions on our credit.. So we had my dad co-sign for us. He makes around $600 a week and has wonderful credit. Well, with all of our income and flawless credit, we were denied..ACTUALLY we were told by the lady at the front office "The landlord said with excellent credit that your father has and even though you have more than enough income he does not want to rent to you." That really hurt when I was told that. Unless you want be be denied don't go here!!! 0.5 stars

(2009-07-13) The rent is a good price, but it is not worth what you have to deal with while residing there. I had to put up with my a/c going out several times, my water heater going out three different times while in the shower, always killing roaches and spiders even though pest control came, a hole that was punctured in the ceiling of my bedroom during a bad storm(didn't get fixed until I moved out), and flooding walkways, even during light rains. Maybe I just had bad luck, but that is a lot of bad luck to deal with while trying to keep focused on school. So if you decide to stay here, good luck! 0.5 stars