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Stonehenge Townhouses

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Description: 2 bedroom apartments close to campus. Appliances furnished including washer/dryer. See www.morganrentalproperties.com for details.



Model Bedrooms Bathrooms Price (per month)
2A 2 2.5 $600

* indicates rent is per person


Pets Allowed:


Lease Information

Lease Length Options: 12 Months

Lease Notes: Lease term is August 5 - July 31

Office Information

Contact Name:
Office Hours:   M-F 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM   Saturday Closed   Sunday Closed
Phone: (662) 324-1028

Last Updated: 2007-07-26

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Ratings and Comments

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(2010-07-18) I had a friend who lived at Stonehenge last year, and it seemed like a great place to live, and I'd only heard good things, so I moved in the 09-10 school year. My room mate was in the MSU band, so we had to push to move in about a week early so he could get to band camp, so this may have voided some of the cleaning should have been done, but even still, it wasn't dirty. The trouble started around the start of November when we realized that the downstairs window wasn't attached to the building at all, and a strong gust of wind could have blown it down since it was only leaning against the window frame. I called the following Monday, and it wasn't until the start of January that the window was actually fixed. Around this time my room mate and I started having our own personal problems with each other, and while this isn't the apartment owner's fault, it got pretty bad. It escalated to the point of him punching a hole through our living room wall, then moving out while I was in class one day in February. I emailed Morgan Rentals the day of hole-in-the-wall incident asking if I could move to another unit with another room mate (who I had lined up on my own), and still, six months after the fact, still have not heard back from them. However, my room mate was able to, unbeknownst to me, finagle his way out of his half of the lease under the agreement that I would be paying the entire rent for the remainder of the lease. Just to say that again, without talking to me, Morgan Rentals let my room mate walk out of his lease after telling them I'd pay his rent. I've also heard that they did this to another friend of mine who lives here, so it seems as though its pretty common for them to do. After resolving the issue and finding a new room mate, we were informed that half the security deposit needed to be replaced since they let my original room mate walk out with his half, even though he punched a hole in the wall and did absolutely no cleaning before he left. Apparently the 10 second walk through was a good enough inspection, but more on that later. At Stonehenge, each apartment is assigned two parking spaces per unit, and each are numbered so that its pretty clear where you can, and where you can't park. Our neighbor continually parks in our spot, and even after talking to the on-site police officer, nothing has changed. The 'security' here is a joke as there's always loud music coming from somewhere, people hang out and drink in the parking lot, and someone is constantly throwing trash and rotten food on people's back porches. The officer on-site is a nice guy, but he's not a very stern authority figure after the first day. He seems to just make friends with everyone and let his friends do what they want rather than actually enforcing the rules. Besides frequent loud music, there is also frequent loud construction work that starts at 7 am in the morning, and has gone on until 10 pm before. They don't announce when they're going to do work on your unit, and the workers don't even seem friendly to tell you what it is they're doing. I've come home form class in the middle of the day to workers sitting on my door step working on my door frame with the door wide open and my air conditioner still on. They were in and out for the rest of the week, and every day I had to go behind the worker and fix my door knob since the one we'd had since we moved in was a piece of junk that had to be left lose or the door wouldn't open. Furthermore, they've tracked mud through my kitchen, and just walked in while I was sleeping on the couch, which is just awkward. As most college students, I spend most of my time over the summer not in Starkville, so upon returning to my apartment at the end of June after almost a month away I found a note stuck in my door. The note, dated June 8th, was an offer to move out early, which I would have gladly accepted as I'd already lined up a different apartment to move into as soon as I could. When I called to see when the soonest I could move out was, they told me that the offer had already been filled by someone else. I missed my opportunity because rather than do the professional thing and call me or my room mate, they decided to pass a note, third grade style. This left me stuck in Stonehenge for a whole extra month. So now it's finally the end of July, and almost time to move out. Before I go on, I'd like to get back to the condition of the apartment when we moved in. The counters were stained brown, the kitchen floor was sticky, there was packets of Kool-Aid left in the cupboards, and some of the lightbulbs around the house were out. There was hair (lots of it) matted into the carpet, as well as in my shower (though I suspect it was probably in both), and a large bleach spot in one of the corners of my bedroom. Again, we moved in 'early,' but come one. That's almost ridiculous. We agreed not to say anything about it since we pushed for an early move in, but now here I am 11 and a half months later holding the move-out checklist in my hand, and I this part is worth sharing. And I quote: "Carpet-Vacuum and have your carpet professionally steam cleaned. (If you do not wish to do this we will have it steam cleaned for a charge of $75.00) If you do not want to be charged for carpet cleaning, save your receipt and turn into office before you move out!!" There was absolutely no warning of this before we moved in, and when we did move in, certainly no evidence that any steam cleaning took place, unless by steam they just meant hair. Unless you want a hair cleaned apartment, I'd think twice about living here. Sorry for the long entry, but I thought I might elaborate on "unprofessional behavior" a bit since I thought just throwing that term out might not have been specific enough. So, all in all, the building is decent, the location is pretty good, the neighbors probably change often, but the management is pretty crap. Oh, and to top it all off, I went to drop off rent for last month, and they were closed at noon despite the office hours on the door reading 10-5, even on Fridays. If you've got the money to shell out for fictional cleaning charges and don't mind the possibility that you might be surprised with paying your room mates rent while he walks off with his security deposit, then live here. If not, then maybe you should go elsewhere. 0.0 stars

(2010-04-10) Stonehenge seems okay on the outside, the apartments are spacious and in an alright location, but unless you enjoy rude/loud neighbors, loud rap music blaring outside all the time, people always taking the parking space you are paying for, and a cop who doesn't do anything about, don't live here. They also allow construction/maintenance men to just walk into your apartment where you keep all of your stuff any time of the day wether or not you are there. I came home one day and there was a man working on the front door who I just walked past, he didn't say a word to me, so really anyone at all could have just walked in and grabbed something and walked out. DO NOT LIVE HERE. Plus, the landlord won't work with you on anything they won't e-mail you back and they don't care how bad your living experience is, they won't work with you on letting you out of your lease or anything. 1.0 stars

(2008-07-01) This is a nice place to stay in Starkville. The townhouse we stayed in was 2 BR 2 1/2 BA and very spacious. It had a small, partway fenced-in, patio out back. It was clean and well kept. I liked that the bedrooms were away from the main living area, and I absolutely loved having the half bath downstairs (both nice for guest purposes). The electric bill was around $100-120/month. My only big complaint is that they charged outrageous fees after the final inspection. We cleaned for hours before we left, and there was still a HUGE fee. That part of it was a total rip off. Another important detail is that there are no pets allowed and no leases less than one year. 4.0 stars