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Standard Online Brochure

Create an online brochure for your rental complex or community.

People searching for a place to live in Starkville are going to the web to find it. StarkVegas.com maintains the most comprehensive housing list for Starkville making it the best place to compare housing choices. An online brochure gives you an edge. People like photos, floorplans, and details to help them feel confident they're getting what they want.

On average, a brochure here gets 5x more views (eyeballs) and responses (emails/phone calls) than the simple free listings.


  • unlimited photos for the property and units
  • floorplans for the units
  • Google MapsTM integration
  • copious information for your property and units
  • inquiries from website delivered via email and/or fax
  • full real-time editing capabilities including changes to availability status
  • your own web address (starkvegas.com/yourproperty)
  • very affordable


$19.95 per month or $199 per year with a no-risk money back guarantee. If the service doesn't pay for itself within a year, you get a refund, no questions asked. In most cases, this service will pay for itself with the first referral that signs a lease.

See for yourself

Check out the demo. See all of the features for yourself.


Phone: 1-888-288-4775
Ask via email.

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Ready to create your brochure? There's two steps involved.

  1. Create an account.
  2. Create a brochure.

Once you have an account, you can work on your brochure at your convenience, so you can start it now and do as much or little as you like.

Basic Free Listing

I don't want to leave anyone out and that's why I have the free listings. The more places listed, the better the shopping experience for housing seekers. If you know of property that should be listed on this website submit the information you know even if it's just a name and I'll follow up with it. See the existing listings to know which information will be shown.

Other Properties

My focus has been on apartment rentals, but I'm planning on listing other types of rental property as well as real estate sales. Stay Tuned!